Free Online Course on Hybrid Vehicles

Why are hybrid vehicles still more common than electric? Why are electric vehicles still more expensive than conventional or hybrid ones? In this free online course on Hybrid Vehicles that offered by the Chalmers University of Technology, you will get the answers to this and much more.This course is aimed at learners with a bachelor’s degree or engineers in the automotive industry who need to develop their knowledge about hybrid power trains. As a result of support from MathWorks, students will be granted access to MATLAB / Simulink for the duration of the course.

In this six-week course, applicants will learn to design hybrid power trains which meet the needs of modern vehicles, by combining the strengths of both electric motors and combustion engines. This course will start on May 2, 2022.

Course At A Glance 

Length: 6 weeks
Effort: 10-20 hours pw
Subject: Electronics
Institution: Chalmers University of Technology and edx
Languages: English
Price: Free
Certificate Available: Yes, Add a Verified Certificate for $200
Session: Course Starts on May 2, 2022

Providers’ Details

Chalmers University of Technology conducts research and offers education in technology, science, shipping and architecture with a sustainable future as our global vision.

About This Course

Why are hybrid vehicles still more common than electric? Why are electric vehicles still more expensive than conventional or hybrid ones? In this course, you will get the answers to this and much more.

Why Take This Course?

In this course, we will examine different mechanical layouts of hybrid power trains and how they influence the performance and complexity of the power train. Different sizing of power trains in micro, mild, full hybrids, as well as plug-in hybrids, is also discussed and you will learn how they can be modeled and analyzed for example by simulation of driving cycles.

Learning Outcomes

  • How to combine the strengths of electric and conventional power trains
  • Pros and cons of different types of hybrid power trains
  • Sizing of the electric machine, battery and combustion engine
  • How to control a hybrid power train
  • Simulate a hybrid power train and its controller
  • Analyze cost-effectiveness of different types of hybrid power trains


  • Sven Andersson: Professor Sven B. Andersson got a Ph.D. in energy conversion in 1990 at Chalmers University of Technology.
  • Anders Grauers: Anders Grauers is an Associate Professor in Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Systems at Chalmers University of Technology, and has a PhD in electric machines.


ChM009x – Electric and Conventional Vehicles

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