Canada graduate funding opportunities Master’s Program in Canada, 2022

Applications are invited for Canada graduate funding opportunities-Master’s Program from Canadian students. Applicants to the CGS M Program must be enrolled in or have applied for full-time admission to, an eligible graduate program at the masters or doctoral level at a Canadian university with a CGSM allocation.The objective of the Canada graduate funding opportunities-Master’s (CGS M) Program is to help develop research skills and assist in the training of highly qualified personnel by supporting students who demonstrate a high standard of achievement in undergraduate and early graduate studies.

The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) is a Canadian government agency that provides grants for research in the natural sciences and in engineering. Its mandate is to promote and assist research.

Applicants must have achieved a first-class average, as determined by the host institution, in each of the last two completed years of study (full-time equivalent).


  • Application Deadline: December 1, 2021
  • Course Level: The studentships are available for an eligible graduate program at the masters or doctoral level at a Canadian university with a CGS M allocation.
  • Study Subject: The studentships are awarded in all disciplines. Scholarships support high-quality research in a wide variety of disciplines and areas, which are divided into broad fields of research (health, natural sciences and/or engineering, and social sciences and/or humanities).
  • Award: The value of scholarships is $17,500.
  • Number of Awards: Not Known
  • Nationality: Canadian students
  • The award can be taken in Canada


  • Eligible Countries: Canadian students can apply for these endowments.
  • Entrance Requirements: To be eligible to apply, you must:
    • be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada
    • be enrolled in, have applied for, or will apply for full-time admission to an eligible graduate program at the masters or doctoral level at a Canadian institution with a CGS M allocation
    • respect the internal deadline to apply for admission for your intended program of study. Contact the Faculty of Graduate Studies (or its equivalent) at the selected Canadian institution(s) for more detailed information;
      • between zero and 12 months of full-time studies (or full-time equivalent) in the program for which you are requesting funding, which may be:
        • a master’s program;
        • a doctoral program that you are entering without having ever been enrolled in a master’s program (i.e., direct-entry);
        • a combined masters doctoral program
        • a master’s program that will transition to an eligible doctoral program, either before or after award activation, with no master’s degree conferred (i.e., fast-track); or
        • a master’s program for which the degree requirements will be completed before the end of the award, allowing the award to continue into an eligible doctoral program; or
    Program of study eligibilityAn eligible graduate program must have a significant research component. A significant research component is considered to be original, autonomous research that leads to the completion of a thesis, major research project, dissertation, scholarly publication, performance, recital and/or exhibit that is merit/expert-reviewed at the institutional level as a requirement for completion of the program.
    • Joint programs with a professional degree (e.g., MD/PhD, DVM/PhD, JD/MA, JD/PhD, MBA/PhD, MA/MBA) are eligible if they have a significant research component, as described above.
    • Clinically-oriented programs of study, including clinical psychology, are also eligible programs if they have a significant research component, as described above.
    • Master’s programs that are based only on course work are typically not eligible since they do not include a significant research component.
    Given the specific requirements of certain disciplines, institutions are invited to contact the appropriate agency for guidance on the eligibility of programs of study.

Canada Scholarships 

Application Procedure

How to Apply: To apply to the CGS M Program, applicants must complete and submit an application using the Research Portal. Applicants should consult the Canada graduate funding opportunities-Master’s Program – Instructions for completing an application.

The Research Portal will instruct applicants to select up to three institutions where they intend to hold the award. Applicants must only select institutions where:

  • they are currently admitted or enrolled full-time in an eligible program of study and intend to pursue their studies; or
  • they will apply for full-time admission to an eligible program of study by the internal deadline set by the institution(s).

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